The Quality Of Mercy

1st July 2017, Amartya Kanjilal

Pranab Mukherjee’s troubling record on clemency for   death-row convicts.

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Hard cases and good law

3rd March 2017

An apex court order has thrown light on appreciating mitigating evidence before sentencing death penalty.

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Conditions in Death Row Are a Recipe For Mental Health Disasters

1st December 2016

In addition to being kept in solitary confinement despite Supreme Court guidelines to the contrary, death row prisoners have little to no access to any sort of mental health facilities.

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Should we do away with Capital Punishment?

11th May 2017

Crimes are as much about social failure as individual responsibility.                                                                                          Justice must be tempered by this reality.

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Guilty. What Next? – How Courts Decide Between Life Imprisonment and Capital Punishment

17th May 2017

While making judgments, courts are supposed to go beyond the crime committed to gather a holistic picture of the accused’s life. But the lack of training and resources makes this difficult to practice.

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Delhi gang rape verdict: By invoking ‘collective conscience’, the Supreme Court sidestepped justice

19th February 2018

This rhetoric is antithetical to the apex court’s restrictive death penalty regime, yet it continues to guide judgements.

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