Matters of Judgment - Launch


December 8, 2017

Matters of Judgment, a report based on the findings of in-depth interviews with 60 former Supreme Court judges was published on 8th December 2017. The report’s findings were discussed by a panel of Ms. Rebecca John (Senior Advocate, High Court of Delhi), Mr. Anuj Bhuwania (Assistant Professor, Ambedkar Univeristy, Delhi) and Dr. Anup Surendranath (Director, Project 39A).

The report discusses the crisis of integrity in the criminal justice system as understood and acknowledged by the judges, the dissonance between concern for the justice system’s integrity and support for the death penalty, and the confusion in the penological justification for the imposition of the death penalty. The report also highlighted perspectives of 60 former Supreme Court judges, not just of the criminal justice system but also the jurisprudential development of the death penalty discourse in India.